The concept of the Delf/Wisdom Bumps

Haven’t you ever wondered about the opposites in yourself?  Sometimes you want to do one thing or another…Fight within yourself-choose which way to go- Sometimes the answer is clear, other times you have to struggle with the little Devil inside yourself to make a decision.

Here is a symbol- which represents the opposites- the mixed feelings- the struggles within us.

How the Delf was born

As told to Fran Stekoll by her Mother.

This came about in the year 1914, in Goshen, New York.  My mother, then six years old, on her way to school would pass the local Drug Store. The usual display of Apothacary Jars filled with amber-colored liquid had been replaced by a large bottle of Pluto water, a popular laxative of that day.  Mother was fascinated by the trademark, a huge Red Devil with fierce face, pitchfork and barbed tail, and quickly moved on.The Delf

That night and for many subsequent ones, in her nightmarish dreams, the giant Red Devil would jump off the bottle and chase her with his pitchfork.  All this was forgotten.
Fifty years later, as a therapist she attended a workshop in a desert retreat.  During a meditation, she sensed footsteps approaching reminding her of the former Devil experience.

Instead of a frightening Devil, he now was both Devil and Elf.  His face and body had completely changed to a friendly impish plump one. When she asked, “What are you doing in my life after all these years?” he explained he was a symbol of the opposites in all of us. The six antennae (my horns, pitchfork and tail) represent seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling and intuition. “ I have much to share with the world. You take it from there!”

This little being, part Devil, part Elf, became appropriately known as “The Delf”

And now the rest of the story as revealed by
“The Delf” Himself.

“ Hi, I’m The Delf. A Universal Symbol. Many have viewed me in varied ways. Currently I appear as a Transformational Being whose Devilish horns have been cropped and rounded into Wisdom Bumps. My color is red because the love from my heart permeates my entire being. I am open to share with you who are mindful of awareness and change. ‘Through me you can find balance in your life!’

IT’S 2014 “THE DELF” IS 100 years old. It’s now time to birth it . My daughter Sheri looked up wisdom and saw that it means positive insight

which dates back to the Greeks, Aristotle and Plato. Wisdom= philo sophia.